Alfie CHRM Features

    • Complete HR Functions
    • IR Functions
    • Contract Labour Management
    • Minimum Wages Act
    • Compliance / Statutory Formalties
    • The ESIC Act
    • The EPF & FPF Act
    • The Contract Labour R&A Act
    • The Building & Other Construction Act
    • The Payment of Bonus Act
    • The Payment of Gratuity
    • The Labour Welfare Fund Act
    • The Equal Remuneration Act
    • The Child Labour (PR) Act
    • The Workmen Compensation Act
    • The Factories Act
    • HR Audit

Alfie Contract Human Resource Management

What is an HRD?



The upshot of HRD must be maximum utilization of manpower for attaining the organizational goal and individual goal. The modern term of HRD (Human Resources Development) is ment for Hard Work, Result, and Dedication.

It would not be out of place to expound that to attain the organizational goal betimes, the modern database administration systems must be introduced like Alfie HRD Package. The features of Alfie HRD Package will certainly strengthen and simplify the Human Management and Human Administration and also assure ultimate admirable administration for professionally administered scientific managements. We are confident that the Alfie HRD Package would facilitate your corporate functions.



祥ping, Dusting, Cleaning, House Keeping
壵rity Services
쬠Civil Activities-Including Construction & Maintenance of Building
⥣tion, Maintenance, Repair work, Any AMC related to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics sections etc
ᴡ Entry Operators, Clerical, Supervisory, Managerial functions etc
other category which is not prohibited by the CLRA act 1970.
襠contract wager deployed in the above said areas are entitled to the minimum wages as per sec 2(g) of the Act or the concerned district collector notification.




The Minimum Wages Act  


姩ster of�ter roll
姩ster of Wagesণ13;
姩ster of Fine
姩ster of OT
姩ster of Advance
姩ster of Deductions
᧥ Slip
鳰laying theᢳtract of the act.
ﴩces to be displayed at work spot
al return
ᴥ of Minimum Wages as per Govt. guidelines


襠 Contract Labour (RA) Act
襠 Minimum Wages Act
襠 Equal Remuneration Act
襠 Building and other Construction Act
襠 Child Labour (PR) Act
襠 ESIC Act
襠 EPF Act and FPF rules
襠 Payment of Bonus Act
襠Labour Welfare fund Act
襠 Workmen Compensationᣴ
襠 Factories Act (for Licence and Annual Return purpose)
襠 Inter state Migrant workman Act






The ESIC Act   The Contract Labour (R&A)act
壬aration form
ﶥring letter for Declaration forms
孩ttance challans
ﲭ 1
ﲭ 3
ﲭ 5
ﲭ 6
ﲭ 7









బication for Registration (Form I)
姩ster of Contractors (Form XII)
ﴩce of commencement of Contract work (Form VI-B)
ﴩce of completion of contract work (Form VI-B)
ﴩce to be䩳played൮der rule 81(1)
ﰹ of notice⥠displayed to be sent to the inspector under rule 81 (1) (i)
al Return䯠be submitted for year ending December 2007
బication for Licence
ﰹ裂licence to display
బication for Renewal of Licence
బication for adjustment of security deposit
姩ster of Person/Workman employed
姩ster of�ter roll
姩ster of Wages䯠be signed by rep. of PE
姩ster of Fine
姩ster of OT
姩ster of Advance
姩ster of Deductions
᧥ Slip
�oyment Card
ᬦ yearly Return
岭ination Certificate
鳰laying theᢳtract of the act.
嬦are measures


The EPF and FPF Act


The Building and other Construction Act

ﭩnation Form
ﲭ 5
ﲭ 10
ﲭ 12
ﲭ 3A
ﲭ 6A








బication for Certificate of Registration 毲m I
ﰹ of Certificate of registration to be displayed 毲m II
姩ster of Building workers 毲m XV
姩ster of�ter roll
姩ster of Wages༯div>
姩ster of Fine
姩ster of OT
姩ster of Advance
姩ster of Deductions
᧥ Book
�oyment Card
ﴩce of Commencement Ưrm IV
ﴩce of Completion 毲m IV
鳰lay of Notices
ﰹ of notices be displayed to sent to Inspector
al Return 毲m XXV
岶ice Certificate 毲m XXIV
尯rt of accident and dangerous occurrences 毲m XIV
⳴ract of the Act
嬦are measures
ᦥty measures


The Payment of Bonus Act


The Payment of Gratuity

ﲭ A ᬬocable surplus details
ﲭ B -㥴 on & Set Off
ﲭ C Register of Bonus
ﲭ D Annual Return







ﲭ A Notice of Opening
ﲭ B Change of䥴ails in form A
ﲭ C Notice of closure
嬥 4(1) notice ࡵthorization
ﲭ F Nomination
ﲭ L settlement of gratuity/copy to Controlling authority
ﲭ M non settlement of gratuity/copy to Controlling authority
⳴ract of the Act
ﲭ A  employees list to LIC (Sec.4A)
ﲭ B 쥦t employees list to LIC(Sec.4A)
ﲭ C 帩sting employees list to LIC(Sec.4A)




The Labour Welfare Fund Act


The Workmen Compensation Act

ﲭ A
ﲭ B
ﲭ C







䥮tifies the contribution of personnel dept. to the orgn.
�oves professional image or personnel dept.
urages greater responsibility and professionalism among members of the personnel dept and acts as check on its activities.
䩭ulates the uniformity of personnel policies and practices.
鮤s critical personnel problems
夵ces human resources cost through more effective personnel policies
⥡tes increased acceptance of the need of the personnel dept.
�oves effectiveness of the line managers through the finding of HR audit.
⠠audit enables the management to review HR policies in the light of the result of audit and the changing environmental factors affecting HRM.
䠠highlights the need for line-staff cooperation.
ᴥ of Absenteeism
ᴥ of Turn over
ᴩos relating to costs
ᮭdays lost due to various reasons
⩥vance Handling
�oyee relations
⩥vance, dispute, punishments, safety and accidents.
















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