Alfie Pharma ERP

Customer Management

b Customer Order
b Customer Order Pending
b Customer Order Received but Production not Planned Report
b Customer Order Planned but not Manufactured Report

Vendor Management

b Approved Vendor Report
b Request for Quotation
b Quotation
b Purchase Order
b Purchase Order Pending Report

Stores & Quality Control

b Goods Received Note
b Quarantine Slip
b Sample To QC
b Under Test Slip
b Sample Receipt by QC
b Quarantine Slip
b Sample To QC
b Under Test Slip
b Protocol of Test
b Certificate of Analysis
b Approved Slip
b Rejected Slip

Production & QA

b Allotment of Batch
b Indent
b Sample Request
b Move Product from one process to another
b Material Transfer Note
b Actual Costing
b Pre Costing
b Machinery Costing

Excise & Customs

b RG 23A Part II
b RG 23C
b CT3
b Production Certificate
b ER1 Register
b ER2 Register
b Input Credit Ledger under Rule 7
b RG1 Daily Stock Register
b Production Clearance Statement


b Advance License
b Export Invoice
b Packing List
b Country of Origin
b ARE 1

Financial Accounting

b Ledger Creation
b Group Creation

b Cost Center Creation
b Cash Receipt with Approval Level
b Cash Payment wiht Approval Level
b Cheque Receipt with Approval Level
b Cheque Payment with Approval Level
b Contra with Approval Level
b Journal with Approval Level
b Debit Note with Approval Level
b Credit Note with Approval Level
b Bank Reconciliation
b Cash Book
b Bank Book
b Purchase Register
b Sales Register
b General Ledger
b Debtor Ledger
b Creditor Ledger
b Debtor Outstanding & Aging
b Creditor Outstanding & Aging
b Trial Balance
b Trading, Profit & Loss Account
b Balance Sheet


Customer Purchase Order Date wise
Customer Purchase Order Customer wise
Customer Purchase Order Item wise
Customer Purchase Order Pending All
Customer Purchase Order Pending Customer wise
Customer Purchase Order Pending Item wise
Sales Date Wise
Sales Customer Wise
Sales Product Wise
Sales Customer / Product Wise
Sales Register Customer / Product Wise summary
Sales Return Date Wise

Purchase Order Date wise
Purchase Order Raw Material Date wise
Purchase Order Packing Material Date wise
Purchase Order Excipients Date wise
Purchase Order Machinery Date wise
Purchase Order Labchemicals Date wise
Purchase Order General Date wise
Purchase Order Supplier wise
Purchase Order Item wise
Purchase Order Pending All
Purchase Order Pending Supplier wise
Purchase Order Pending Item wise
Purchase Order Pending by Shedule date

GRN List Date wise
GRN List Supplier wise
GRN List Item wise
GRN List - Supplier Item Wise
GRN List AR Date wise
GRN Pending for Purchase Booking - Date Wise
GRN Pending for Purchase Booking - Supplier Wise
GRN Pending for Purchase Booking - Item Wise
RRDC List Date wise
RRDC - Supplier Wise
RRDC - Item Wise
Rejected Material Date Wise

Job Work DC - Date Wise
Job Work DC - Supplier Wise
Job Work DC - Item Wise

Analysis DC - Date Wise
Analysis DC - Item Wise

Stock Adjustment - Date Wise
Stock Adjustment - Item Wise
FG Conversion Report - Date Wise

Retest - Date Wise

Foils Pending Register Item Wise
Foils Pending Register Supplier Wise

Indent Register - Raw Material
Indent Register - Packing Material
Issue Register - Raw Material
Issue Register - Packing Material

Return From Production - Date Wise
Rejection From Production - Date Wise

Active Material Listing
Packing Material Listing
Excipients Listing
Finish Goods Listing
Machinery Listing
Item Listing - All
MRP Listing
Sales Rate Listing

Master Formula - Tablet
Master Formula - Capsules
Master Formula - Syrup
Master Formula - Injection
Master Formula - Ointment
Master Formula - Others

Productwise Materials Statement
Materialwise Products Statement

Batch Master Listing
Batch Master Listing - Customer Wise
Yield Report

What is the best solution for you?

In principle, enterprise resource planning, or ERP software as it is more widely known, integrates the information used by various departments of your organization and converts it into a unique management control system. This enables different departments to use the same database, therefore, the same information, instead of managing information without being able to share this with other departments. The aim of this approach is to enable each employee to access this shared information, to speak the same language and to use resources such as machines, human resources and money in a more efficient manner.

Many companies now prefer ERP solutions to control their growing organizations in a more effective manner and to reduce their costs. However, the changes in technology, new trends, new companies and the changes in requirements have made it increasingly difficult to choose the right enterprise resource planning solution.

When the high investment figure is taken into consideration, it is exceedingly important that the selected ERP company and product can meet the requirements completely and assure the investment. Therefore, the ERP software purchase process requires a thorough analysis. This analysis must cover the experience of the company in the field, its references and its financial structure in addition to technical issues.
In the selection of enterprise resource planning software, the most important issue is product adequacy. If the product meets the present and potential future requirements of the company both in terms of technology and infrastructure, an important part of the process for the purchase decision is completed.



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