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By providing high quality state of the art testing resources, we have helped several clients reduce time to market, ensure high testing quality, lower cost and focus on strategic priorities.

Alfie helps with critical aspects of clients? systems such as planning, process control, performance metrics, test automation, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. We leverage our experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, Network Management, Database/Web Server/Application Server Administration/Configuration and domain expertise in various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, and Healthcare to provide a range of testing solutions.

Alfie Testing Services provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help organizations achieve predictable, improved software quality levels while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities. Alfie Testing Services offers true independent verification and validation services our skilled software quality assurance professionals employ our proven testing methodology to ensure that testing is an integrated part of the software development lifecycle, cost-effectively identifying defects as early as possible.

Functional Testing

Regression Testing

Component Testing

Risk Based Testing

Compatibility Testing

Performance Testing

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What is the best solution for you?

In principle, enterprise resource planning, or ERP software as it is more widely known, integrates the information used by various departments of your organization and converts it into a unique management control system. This enables different departments to use the same database, therefore, the same information, instead of managing information without being able to share this with other departments. The aim of this approach is to enable each employee to access this shared information, to speak the same language and to use resources such as machines, human resources and money in a more efficient manner.

Many companies now prefer ERP solutions to control their growing organizations in a more effective manner and to reduce their costs. However, the changes in technology, new trends, new companies and the changes in requirements have made it increasingly difficult to choose the right enterprise resource planning solution.

When the high investment figure is taken into consideration, it is exceedingly important that the selected ERP company and product can meet the requirements completely and assure the investment. Therefore, the ERP software purchase process requires a thorough analysis. This analysis must cover the experience of the company in the field, its references and its financial structure in addition to technical issues.
In the selection of enterprise resource planning software, the most important issue is product adequacy. If the product meets the present and potential future requirements of the company both in terms of technology and infrastructure, an important part of the process for the purchase decision is completed.
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