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“Liberate Insights from any data for modernize applications”.


Analytics delivering on-premises performance, security and manageability with no oversubscription or noisy neighbor issues. Digital transformation only offers virtualized environments resulting in oversubscribed resources.

Pharma Analytics


Digital Analytics is about the Systematic computational analysis of data (or) Statistics. In our business organization we are currently using business Intelligence tools. Using Analytics, our organization have increased online conversion and margin by 28% and 30%.Enterprise developed new analytical models in isolation and appointed enterprise wide leaders of analytics. Our organization keeping the business platform running oracle at 99.95% with guranteed availability at duration of less than 2.5 minute per downtime.

Analysts And Data Stewards

Transforms, enrich and heal data sets in preparation for analysis. Faster time to insights for data stewards. Share and collaborate with our organization.

Business Users

Easy, timely, proactive business insights .Empower to go beyond consuming others’ findings for our business users .


Develop and deploy analytic applications for people to customize and personalize. Embed analytics in any application context.

Liberate Insights

Blend any data regardless of its source or type .Apps, Big Data, Databases, Services,Files, etc. Smart Connectors to SaaS applications.

Pharma Analytics Use Cases

● Accelerate drug discovery and development.

● Optimize and improve the efficacy of clinical trials.

● Target specific patient populations more effectively.

● Better insight into patient behavior to improve drug delivery and effectiveness and healthcare outcomes.

● Gain improved insight into Drug marketing and sales performance.